Re-engineering Technology Interconnectivity

In a Testing Environment with maxed out servers the IOTEN Network TPS has reached ≈ 3000.

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Secure and Scalable

IOTEN is scalable and secure blockchain network for secure exchange of both value and data. Providing underlying infrastructure for online services that exceeds scalability requirements of a decentralized economy is our vision for the interconnected world.

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Fully Decentralized

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Intensive Deflation

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IOTEN will be a fully open, decentralized ledger. This ledger will need to be maintained and kept up-to-date, as an increasing number of people enter the IOTEN ecosystem.

Consensus mechanism

IOTEN will use Roll-DPoS consensus. Delegated Proof of Stake expands on the concept of Proof of Stake (PoS) by allowing users to select delegates to represent their stakes in the network.

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A part of company's profits is used to buy back IOTN tokens from exchanges. Those tokens are burnt, which incentivises price growth and creates deflation.


1% transaction fee is automatically burned, which reduces the overall IOTN circulation.

Smart Staking

IOTEN will use cryptographic proofs to guarantee that no one can link your withdrawals to deposits, unless you want them to. In technical language, we will  use the zk-snark technology to do it.


Only the user gets the secret to a given deposit, which allows to withdraw the correlating funds from IOTEN under a new address.

Staking IOTN works via the Smart Staking mechanism. There is no need to freeze tokens or store them in any special wallets. Staking works for everyone, always. This generates passive income, keeps some tokens out of circulation and encourages holding for the long term.

1% transaction fee is proportionally divided between all IOTN holders, which incentivises holding for the long term.

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Production line

 NFTs Marketplace

IOTEN's NFT Marketplace will be a one-stop shop for all the needs of NFT creators and much more. Currently, the main issue with NFTs is that they are illiquid. IOTEN's proprietary technology solves this issue and brings true opportunity for all artists.

TEN Wallet

TEN wallet protects user privacy by generating a custom address every time the user withdraws digital assets or sends them to another wallet. Additionally, TEN wallet uses smart contracts to hold collective funds in its network to mix the inflow and outflow of cryptocurrencies to cover up transaction data. 

IOTEN Entertainment

IOTEN Entertainment is pioneering the P2E gaming industry via its Web 3 game BattleForTEN. The game will be used to enhance the IOTEN Ecosystem via its countless micro-transactions and help with IOTEN’s mass adoption.


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Take part in shaping the future of the IOTEN network and learn more about IOTEN by connecting with the team and community.

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